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The transformative potential of education

Every lesson we learn in life has value. The knowledge we acquire helps shape the people we are to become including our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. However, finding an institution which promotes such a learning environment is becoming almost a thing of the past. Fortunately, the University of Katherine’s in California, USA offers those seeking wisdom the place to do it and so much more. What makes USK unique is its foundation which are based on the Orthodox Christian Tradition: Inquiry Seeking Wisdom.

A nationally-recognized university, USK provides a structured and coherent curriculum designed to give its students the skillsets needed for the highly-competitive employment market. USK provides over 25 undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts/humanities, business management, kinesiology, and natural sciences. Pre-professional studies are also offered, as well as early acceptance guarantee programs for medical school and other health fields plus teaching and credentialing programs.

While teaching may be seen as the primary task of an educational institution, helping students know what to do with that knowledge is just as important. Career Services at USK first seeks to empower students to discover, understand, and communicate how their interests, skills, values, and educational experience are connected to future aspirations. The goal then becomes to provide students with the tools they need to work towards achieving those aspirations. USK assists students on their career development journey through impactful coaching, connection to graduate school and career exploration resources, support in honing job search skills, and guidance on finding career-related work experiences.

Besides its impressive focus on academia, USK has not neglected the importance of student life and well-being. USK provides its students with many extra curriculum activities and social clubs. Another impressive aspect of student life is the focus on community service. Every student is required to perform at least 5 hours of community service each semester in order to participate in graduation activities and receive their diploma.

Byzanfest is honoured to be associated with such a remarkable institution. Since 2020, USK has supported the mission of Byzanfest to share the unique stories and vision of Orthodox cinema with the world. Byzanfest values USK’s principles of providing an excellent Christian-focussed education with a strong emphasis on critical-thinking and engagement with the local community.

If you feel USK offers you the learning opportunities you have been looking for, go to for more details about their course offerings and admissions.

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