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Established in 2014, Byzanfest is a film festival dedicated to Orthodox Christians. The goal is to stream and screen the very best Orthodox stories and share them with the world.

The Festival showcases films which reflect Orthodox Christian themes, beliefs, culture and values. An entry’s storyline does not necessarily have to be "religious". Although the film may not appear to have "Orthodox" subject-matter, it can still be deemed Orthodox because it was created by an Orthodox Christian filmmaker who maintained an Orthodox phronema ("mindset") during the creative process, remaining faithful to their Christian sense of dignity, morality and self-respect.

The name "Byzanfest" is in honour of the great Byzantine Empire, a place of wisdom, art & Faith. Although it may no longer exist, the spirit and values of Byzantium shine out in the works of Orthodox Christians in the Digital Era.

Join us as we go on a journey of discovery and wonder.

Chris Vlahonasios
Founder & Director

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