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Despite the many streaming services available nowadays much of its content is woke-inspired pulp, however, that’s where Byzanfest is different. Byzanfest is an international Orthodox Christian-inspired film festival that tells unique stories. After a very successful screening season in Melbourne, Australia, Byzanfest is now streaming this year’s catalogue of winning and nominated films to a global audience.

Some of this year’s highlights include the feature-length PARALLEL LOVE, which won Best Documentary, and the short-film THE TOUCH TO PAIN, from Serbian director Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic whose film A CROSS IN THE DESERT won multiple awards at Byzanfest. Another short-film worth mentioning is BLESSING AND VOWS set in a Greek village.

Byzanfest was also honoured to have Yelena Popovic (director of MAN OF GOD), Yiannis Stravolaimos and Manos Triantafillakis on the international judging panel.

All films will be made available for a limited time. The streaming period will run from 9th – 18th December 2022, Australia-EST. Audiences can pre-purchase rentals in order to watch as soon as the streaming period begins.

Most features are a 24-hour digital rental whilst all short-films (and some features) stream for free. They’re easily accessible via Vimeo and YouTube platforms, which can be found on the Festival website,

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