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Conclusion of Melbourne’s epic MAN OF GOD screening season

And just like that, it’s come to an end: 30-days and 12 sold-out screenings across the great city of Melbourne. The final event was held with a catered reception at Pentridge Cinemas in Coburg. Despite its former reputation as one of Australia’s most infamous prisons and home to Ned Kelly, its sophisticated glitz and style was a true escape from reality.

This mammoth one-month event was blessed by both Victorian Districts, Graces Evmenios of Kerasounta and Kyriakos of Sozopolis, as well as the tireless efforts of Byzanfest which made it possible. Thanks to their support, people from all Orthodox jurisdictions, as well as non-Orthodox people, came together to experience a movie that has captivated audiences world-over. One of the most rewarding features of these screenings was the opportunity for people to meet and make new friends.

One of the interesting stories that arose during the organising process was the interest of a Baptist church wanting its own screening. When asked about their interest in this film, they responded it was because of the film’s trailer. They were so intrigued by the life of St. Nektarios; they found it inspiring and worthy of contemplation. The fact non-Orthodox have been touched by this film proves the need to continue to support the production of more Orthodox cinema and media.

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