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Nektaria Karantzi


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Nick Shaheen


Duval Louis-Pierre

NEKTARIA KARANTZI's voice has been identified mainly with the Byzantine sacred art and has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most influential female voices in Byzantine Chant and Sacred Music. Having made a remarkable impact around the world with her concerts and discography in Byzantine music, her performances are purely devoted to Byzantine Chant, the Mediterranean primeval musical tradition and the religious music in Greek, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Aramaic (the language of Jesus Christ) etc. She is a solo chanter («psaltria») in church since she was 9 and, with a discography in Byzantine music since the age of 14. In her first recordings, she accompanied her spiritual father, Saint Porphyrios the Kavsokalyvite, the contemporary saint of orthodox Christian world, and with his encouragement, she commenced her studies in Byzantine Music. 

She has also been invited to run master classes from some of the most renowned educational and musical centers in Europe, such as the Liszt Academy in Hungary, the Sorbonne University in France, the University of Oviedo in Spain etc. 

She is the President of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens, which is under the aegis of the Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece, Ieronymos II, the founder of «Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association” and the director of the women’s byzantine choir «Psaltries Choir» with members from all over Greece and abroad. She is also the producer  of the TV show «Melismas and Myths» on the Greek TV channel «Pemptousia» of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos.  


NICK SHAHEEN is a writer, director, freelance motion designer and visual effects artist. Nick is the creator of several award-winning short films including the animated film “Honey Romance”, the scifi-comedy “M.A.R.C”, and mocumentary “The Sky is Falling”. He has worked on a number of commercial projects as well as numerous music videos for the Deeptones, Crown City Krooks, and John-Paul Ashkar. Nick has also created numerous medical illustrations which have been published in various peer-reviewed journals.




Director, photographer and editor based in Paris. Duval has been working for 10 years in the world of advertising and also in fiction.


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Bogdan Albu

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Sam Cox

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Kevin Bryce

BOGDAN ALBU is a well-known commercial and music video director on Romanian market. He directed, from 1993 until present, hundreds of tv and online commercials, music videos, television productions and television campaign, political and strategy campaign, corporate films and sales presentation videos, etc. "500" is the first film as director and third as film editor.

P: 004 0745002900

SAM COX is a filmmaker based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His work centers around nature, geography, and spirituality and explores the tension between ancient wisdom and contemporary culture.




KEVIN BRYCE is an award winning documentarian. Kevin has produced three feature length documentaries surrounding issues of race, mental health, and the struggles of the most marginalized. He works in video production with FOCUS North America, Reconciliation Services, Zoe For Life!, the Neighborhood Resilience Project, and the Fellowship of St. Moses the Black