What is ‘Byzanfest’?

Byzanfest is an online short-film festival strictly dedicated to Eastern Orthodox Christian filmmakers. Byzanfest was an initiative established by TRANSFIGURE MEDIA in 2013 to promote Orthodox filmmakers and share their work with the world. Byzanfest, like its parent organisation, strives to instill Orthodox phronema into the creative process.

Byzanfest streams the finalists via the TRANSFIGURE YouTube Channel during what is known as Screening Season. The Festival is entirely on-demand enabling anyone in the world to watch it at any time on any device.

Screening Season 2019 is Sunday 21st July until Sunday 4th August (Melbourne, Australia time zone).


Why should we host a screening?

Although Byzanfest’s target audience (18-35 year old) are likely to watch the Festival online, this same group also enjoys attending social gatherings, such as film festivals. By hosting such as event you will be providing the opportunity for young Orthodox people to gathermeet and socialise in a friendly, Orthodox-themed environment. Byzanfest’s goal is to have several physical screenings being hosted around the world, making it a truly global event.

The event also provides you the opportunity to raise funds for your church/organisation.


  • your church/organisation’s name will be seen by thousands of people, worldwide

  • promotion of your organisation’s purpose and existence

  • become associated with innovation, boosting your brand

  • the host of an unique Orthodox event

  • promoting Orthodox phronema in the media

  • encouraging Orthodox brothers- and sisters-in-Christ to pursue a career in filmmaking



As a Screening Partner, your church/organisation will be promoted by:

  • logo/name appearing on the Festival’s website

  • an embedded web link to your website and/or social platforms

  • thanked in Festival credits


Responsibilities of Screening Partner

  • Covering the cost of hiring a venue and equipment, if necessary.

  • Create a poster and advertising campaign (in conjunction, Byzanfest will share and promote your event through its various platforms).

  • You MUST incorporate the Byzanfest logo and banner in ALL publications.

  • Take photos and video of the event to share with Byzanfest for publicity and archival purposes.


The films can be screened directly from the YouTube Channel or, upon approval, downloaded beforehand.

Hosting a screening

As a Screening Partner, your organisation is responsible for the logistics and costs incurred. However, this is not as daunting as it may sound. Here is a simple strategy for organising your screening at virtually no or very little cost.

Venue: Use a church hall or an organisation/business willing to give you a venue.
Projector & speakers: Ask your church/Archdiocese/friends for use of equipment. Seek sponsorship from businesses to help cover hiring costs.
Advertising: Byzanfest will share and post details of your event. 


At the screening, you can charge admission or ask for donations. However, Byzanfest asks for a 10% share of ticket sales and event sponsorship contributions, this also applies for donations. If you choose not to charge admission or donation, Byzanfest instead asks for a Screening Fee of $100 USD. Payments are to be transferred via PayPal.

All money raised goes towards funding the production of Orthodox film and art projects.

You can also generate revenue through selling food, drinks or other goods, such as spiritual items and books, at the Screening. Byzanfest does not charge a commission on these sales.

Guest Hosting

If you wish to have the Festival’s founder, Chris Vlahonasios, present at your event to host, conduct a workshop or provide a Q&A session, he will be willing to appear in-person, as long as:

  • the event is within metropolitan Melbourne, Australia; and

  • does not conflict with another screening.


If your event is outside of Melbourne, Australia, other options include:

  • a live Skype session; or

  • reimbursing his return flight & accommodation expenses.



For any inquiries, contact Festival Director via:

Fr Antonio

Debra Korluka

Joachim Vesely